How To Get Roku Activation Link Code

How To Get Roku Activation Link Code

Roku Link Code

How To Get Roku Activation Link Code

Roku is a famous streaming device that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows, music, movies, sports, kids’ shows and many more from the internet. know How To Get Roku Link Code.

The device gets plugged into the TV with the help of HDMI port. Roku is the best streaming service that let you avail the all top movies and TV streaming services.

The Roku services include Google Play, Amazon Go video, Hulu, Netflix and many other channels. Roku is the platform where you can access international level content almost free or at cheapest rates.

How To Get Roku Link Code

You can subscribe channels of your choice and can enjoy hundreds of channels. Roku streaming stick is a hardware and portable device. You can carry it along with you anytime so it is your all-time entertainment source. Roku saves time and money as here you get the opportunity to access the great world of TV shows, kids’ channels, movies etc.

Roku mobile app is available for both at Android and iPhone users that let you enjoy the private music listening anytime via headphones or Bluetooth. Few mobile phones have also the capability to act as a Roku remote.

Set Up Your Roku:

Before you can use your Roku device, you need to create Roku account free on Here is the complete procedure to set up your Roku link code:-

First of all, check the available connection type whether it is HDMI.
Now connect the Roku device to TV with the help of HDMI cable that comes with streaming box. 

Insert one end of HDMI cable with the HDMI port available on the streaming device and insert the second end of the cable with into the HDMI port mounted on the backside of the TV set.
The streaming device comes with an adapter that you need to connect to the compatible power source.

When the device gets turned on, a startup screen appears on TV.

Now select the appropriate language and press an OK button from the Roku remote.

Roku device needs an internet connection for its working. It supports both wired as well as wireless connections. For a wired connection, must use Ethernet cable and for wireless connection, you just need to enter the password of the network.
Roku player downloads the latest setup automatically.

How To Get Roku Activation Code

After the completion of software installation, Roku gets restarted and a startup screen with the unique code called Roku Link code.
Now use your tablet, mobile phone or computer to open the website and create an account.

The website asks you to enter the Roku link code that is shown on the TV screen. Enter Roku activation code and click on submit button. Now Roku device is ready for functioning.

Roku allows you to subscribe to popular TV channels, buy movies and many other options from the Roku Channel Store.

To access Roku channel store and buy or subscribe various options, you need to log in your Roku account and setting up a payment method.

It also allows channel customization.

After completing the process, Roku displays a congratulations screen.

Now you can enjoy your favorite channels anytime.